How to burn the scented candle?

1. Aromatherapy candles burn for the first time for an hour to burn evenly

Aromatherapy candles want a flat wax pool, and it’s essential to use it for the first time. When using for the first time, be careful to burn for 3-4 hours. The time is not limited, depending on the size of your candle.

Allow the wax to melt as much as possible to the edge so that it will burn to the edge again after the next burn. If you only melt a little bit around the wick and then light the candle, the burning range of the candle will only deepen and not expand, thus forming a memory ring.

2, the scented candle is configured with a candle holder to burn evenly

If the candle is large, the scented candle burns only around the wick, and heat cannot be transmitted to the edge. It is recommended to choose an iron candle holder. The iron metal has a strong thermal conductivity, which can disperse the heat nicely, and the edge of the candle can be uniformly heated and melted.

3, the scented candle is inserted into the thin wire to burn evenly

In the same way as Method 2, insert a thin wire into the candle and insert it one by one over the other. This will also allow the candle to be evenly heated and wholly burnt.

4. scented candle tin foil package can be burned evenly

Wrap the upper part of the candle in tin foil and close it at the mouth of the cup, which is smaller than the mouth of the candle cup itself. After burning for two hours, extinguish the candle and use a chopstick or cotton swab to push the edge of the candle into the middle.


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