Living in a Giant Candle Winking at God

2006 studio album by Transit Kings

Living in a Giant Candle Winking at God

Studio album by Transit Kings Released

August 21, 2006


Electronica, trip hop, downtempo, drum and bass




Malicious Damage


Alex Paterson, Jimmy Cauty, Guy Pratt, Dom Beken

Living in a Giant Candle Winking at God is the debut album by the Transit Kings. It featured guest appearances from The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr and comedian Simon Day. The Times called it \"Orb-lite\" and proclaimed it to be \"Deep Forest-style sludge\".

Though Jimmy Cauty left the Transit Kings before the release of Living in a Giant Candle Winking at God, he received a credit as composer on seven of the album\'s tracks.

Track listing

\"The West End Of A Duck Going East\" (6:12)
\"Stop Over (Dance With Me)\" (0:10)
\"Concourse\" (7:16)
Vocals - Juliet Russell
\"Boom (Bombay)\" (5:42)
Vocals - Missy MC
\"Oh Shit\" (4:02)
Strings\" - Chi3
\"Baby Don\'t\" (5:17)
Trumpet, Flugel - Quentin Collins
\"Japanese Cars (Album Mix)\" (4:56)
\"Free Free\" (8:08)
Strings - Chi3
Vocals - Jonathan Kydd, Juliet Russell, William Butler Yeats
\"Blooze Tracks\" (5:19)
\"America Is Unavailable\" (Album Mix) (5:21)
Guitar - Johnny Marr
\"Wagon Wheels\" (6:06)
Trumpet, Flugel - Quentin Collins
\"The Last Lighthouse Keeper\" (6:38)
Vocals - Simon Day

Extra Tracks on the Japanese release:

\"Butterflies\" (4:31)
\"America is Unavailable\" (4:41)


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