One Candle

2000 song performed by g.o.d.
For the song by Sia, see Racing Extinction.

\"One Candle\" Single by g.o.d from the album Chapter 3 Language



November 3, 2000






Sidus, Synnara Records


Park Jin-young


Park Jin-young

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\"One Candle\"


\"One Candle\" (Korean: 촛불하나; RR: Chotbulhana) is a song performed by South Korean boy band g.o.d. It is from their third album Chapter 3 (2000), and has since become one of their most widely-known songs.

Is not a candle very fragile? The Saenuri politician said that the candle would be blown out by the wind, but the small, slender candles gathered two, three, and four, and finally it became a torch and went wild. It is communal power. \"I will always be by your side / so that you never feel alone in this world. / I\'ll be right beside you holding your hand.\" These lyrics reflect the condition of our society.
— Professor Kim Tae-il on KBS Radio 1

Notable cover versions

The upbeat melody and recognizable chorus have led the song to become popular with street performers. Traveling British busker Aancod Zaccarelli, who previously lived in South Korea as a teenager, sang the song accompanied by his guitar on a platform at the Seoul National University Station. Subsequent videos of the sizeable crowds of commuters singing and clapping along with him were uploaded on social media and went viral. The videos caught the attention of g.o.d leader Park Joon-hyung, who publicly complimented him during a press conference. He was invited to g.o.d\'s 15th anniversary concert series and performed on July 12, 2014, as the opening act.

The song has been covered numerous times by younger artists and sung at year-end ceremonies and festivals as an encore song. It was performed at the 2015 KBS Drama Awards by nominees for the Best New Actor and Actress awards and all participants at the 2016 KBS Song Festival during the opening stage. Other notable cover versions include:

Katie Kim (K-pop Star season 4, Top 6 round)
Park Ji-yeon, JB, Park Seo-joon and Ailee in the television series Dream High 2
Son Seung-yeon and friends (winner of Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend episode 229)
Yook Joong-wan and Lee Joo-hyuk (winner of MBC\'s Duet Song Festival episode 44)


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