Why Choose APHRO?

We offer low minimums.

Could you create your premium candle line with a low minimum order of just one case ( 10 Candles)?

Fast Turnaround

Get ready to amaze your customers! Receive your premium candle order within 2-3 weeks.

Handcrafted Goodness

All of our products are hand-poured by our artisans here in China.

Big Selections

We offer 15+ glasses and 40+ fragrances, so you have a full range of customization.

Private Label Candles. Your Brand. Your Way. Simply.

Private-label candles should be simple and transparent. We help you create a premium candle line that you and your customers will enjoy. We allow you to customize candles with over 15 vessels, 40+ fragrances, and custom labels to make your candles unique. We offer low minimum order quantities so that you can get started without hesitation. We pride ourselves on quality candles. We hand-pour all orders when ordered and source all our premium materials in the United States. Please let me know what you're waiting for. Your excellent candle line is just a few clicks away!

Private Label Candles By AphroUnlabeled Bulk Wholesale Candles

Discover our wholesale collection of unlabeled bulk candles, perfect for retailers, event planners, and candle enthusiasts. Crafted with exceptional quality and attention to detail, our candles provide a blank canvas for customization. With competitive prices and endless possibilities, ignite unforgettable experiences with our unlabeled bulk candles. Shop now and create moments that illuminate hearts and minds.