Roman Candles (1920 film)

1920 film

Roman Candles
(aka: Yankee Doodle, Jr.) Directed by

Jack Pratt

Written by

W.S. Forstyth(story)
Jack Pratt(co-scen.)
W.S. Forsyth(co-scen.)
Ralph Spence(titles)

Produced by

Master Pictures


J. Frank Glendon
Edward M. Kimball


William Beckley

Distributed by

State\'s Rights; 1920
Burnside; Mar-Apr 1922 (as Yankee Doodle, Jr.)
Cinart July 4, 1922 (as Yankee Doodle, Jr.)

Release dates

September 13, 1920
April–March 1922;rerelease
July 1922 rerelease

Running time

7 reels in 1920
5 reels both 1922 rereleases


United States


Silent..English titles

Roman Candles is a 1920 silent comedy-drama film directed by Jack Pratt and starring J. Frank Glendon and Edward M. Kimball. The film was released in 1920 as a seven reeler on State\'s Rights basis. In 1922 two independent distributors rereleased it with a 5 reel running length.

It is preserved in the Library of Congress and the BFI Film and TV Institute, London.


J. Frank Glendon as John Arnold, Jr.
Phalba Morgan as Senorita Zorra Gamorra
Edward M. Kimball as John Arnold, Sr.
Hector V. Sarno as The President
Sidney D\'Albrook as The Secret Service Chief
Jack Pratt as Mendoza, The Captain
Mechtilde Price
Lola Smith
Bill Conant
Jack Waltemeyer
Teddy as A Dog


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