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Karl Urban
Jack Quaid
Antony Starr
Erin Moriarty
Dominique McElligott
Jessie T. Usher
Laz Alonso
Chace Crawford
Tomer Capone
Karen Fukuhara
Nathan Mitchell
Colby Minifie
Claudia Doumit
Jensen Ackles

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United States

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Amazon Prime Video

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June 3 (2022-06-03) –
July 8, 2022 (2022-07-08)

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The third season of the American superhero television series The Boys, the first series in the franchise based on the comic book series of the same name written by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, was developed for television by American writer and television producer Eric Kripke. The season is produced by Sony Pictures Television in association with Point Grey Pictures, Original Film, Kripke Enterprises, Kickstart Entertainment and KFL Nightsky Productions.

The show\'s third season stars Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Dominique McElligott, Jessie T. Usher, Laz Alonso, Chace Crawford, Tomer Capone, Karen Fukuhara, Nathan Mitchell, Colby Minifie, Claudia Doumit and Jensen Ackles. Taking place a year after the events of the previous season, the story follows the titular Boys now working for Victoria Neuman\'s Bureau of Superhero Affairs to apprehend problematic Supes, having been at peace with the Seven. However, the conflict is resumed once Butcher begins to investigate the truth about the apparent death of Soldier Boy, one of Vought\'s first American superheroes, with the hope of killing Homelander for good. Meanwhile, Homelander\'s mental stability begins to deteriorate as Vought attempts to restrict his power, while other Seven members such as Starlight and Queen Maeve assist the Boys in their plots against him.

The season was announced ahead of the second-season premiere, on July 23, 2020, at the aftershow hosted by Aisha Tyler for the 2020 San Diego Comic-Con@Home. The show was released in a weekly basis on streaming service Amazon Prime Video, premiering its first three episodes on June 3, 2022, while the rest ran until July 8, 2022. The season has received critical praise from critics for its screenplay, dark humor, action sequences, character development, storyline, and performances, particularly Urban, Starr, and Ackles. On June 10, 2022, the series was renewed for a fourth season.

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1\"Payback\"Phil SgricciaCraig RosenbergJune 3, 2022 (2022-06-03)
One year after the Stormfront scandal, the Boys work as contractors for Victoria Neuman\'s Bureau of Superhuman Affairs to apprehend rogue Supes, with Hughie Campbell as their liaison. Vought CEO Stan Edgar appoints Annie January, who is now publicly dating Hughie, co-captain of the Seven to repair Vought International\'s reputation and unsuccessfully attempts to sell V24, a Compound V variant that temporarily grants superpowers, to U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Singer. Queen Maeve secretly works with Billy Butcher and has him investigate Payback - a disbanded superhero team whose leader Soldier Boy mysteriously died - in hopes of finding a weapon capable of killing Homelander. She also gives Butcher several vials of V24, which he considers using. Hughie encounters a man named Tony, who claims to be Neuman\'s best friend and calls her \"Nadia\". Suspicious, Hughie tails the pair into an alley, where Tony urges her to tell the truth about \"Red River\". She refuses, prompting Tony to retaliate before she kills him with her powers, unaware of Hughie\'s presence.


2\"The Only Man in the Sky\"Phil SgricciaDavid ReedJune 3, 2022 (2022-06-03)
As the Boys investigate Soldier Boy\'s death, Hughie visits Red River, an orphanage for superpowered children and copies its records, learning that Neuman is Edgar\'s adopted daughter. Frenchie and Kimiko confront Soldier Boy\'s widow Crimson Countess at a Vought theme park, but she escapes and mistakenly kills an innocent bystander in the process. After learning of Neuman\'s powers from Hughie, Butcher takes a dose of V24 and uses it to kill Soldier Boy\'s former sidekick, Gunpowder. Before dying, Gunpowder informs Butcher that Soldier Boy died in Nicaragua while on a CIA mission led by Colonel Grace Mallory. Mother\'s Milk (MM) rejoins the Boys, seeking to avenge his family\'s death at Soldier Boy\'s hands. After learning that Stormfront committed suicide, Homelander lashes out during his televised birthday celebration and goes on a spiteful rant, claiming he is the world\'s savior under persecution from Vought executives.


3\"Barbary Coast\"Julian HolmesAnslem Richardson & Geoff AullJune 3, 2022 (2022-06-03)
Homelander\'s approval rating among rural white males skyrockets after his rant, subjecting him to less scrutiny from Vought executives. Homelander, now believing himself to be untouchable and threatening genocide, pressures Starlight into publicly posing as his lover and reinstating the Deep. Fearing for the safety of her ex-boyfriend Alex / Supersonic, she pleads with him not to join the Seven. However, he does so to support her. Mallory reveals to the Boys that Payback was deployed to assist the CIA against communists in Nicaragua during the Cold War, but were ambushed during an attack by Russian and Nicaraguan soldiers that left Black Noir mutilated and Soldier Boy missing in action, supposedly killed by a Russian superweapon. Butcher is enraged at Mallory for not disclosing the weapon\'s existence earlier and lashes out at Ryan Butcher before storming out. He then has Frenchie contact the latter\'s former boss, \"Little Nina\" Namenko, to arrange transport to Russia.


4\"Glorious Five-Year Plan\"Julian HolmesMeredith GlynnJune 10, 2022 (2022-06-10)
Butcher meets Nina and negotiates the Boys\' travel to Russia in exchange for assassinating one of Nina\'s targets. Upon learning of the V24, Hughie asks Butcher to let him use it. Butcher refuses, but Hughie secretly takes a dose and uses it to kill one of the Russian soldiers guarding a secret laboratory. Inside, Butcher discovers a still-living Soldier Boy, who releases an energy blast that depowers and wounds Kimiko before escaping. While escaping to stabilize Kimiko, Butcher theorizes the Russians experimented on Soldier Boy. During a press conference regarding Homelander\'s behavior, Neuman betrays Edgar by accusing him of corruption. In return, Homelander provides Neuman a sample of Compound V, which she injects into her daughter Zoe. Starlight recruits Maeve and Supersonic to help her face Homelander. Supersonic later attempts to recruit A-Train after witnessing him being mistreated by Homelander and the Deep. However, A-Train tells Homelander of the planned coup, and Homelander later confronts Starlight with Supersonic\'s corpse and threatens to kill Hughie unless Starlight complies with his demands.


5\"The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies\"Nelson CraggEllie MonahanJune 17, 2022 (2022-06-17)

Frenchie admits Kimiko to a hospital, where she is overjoyed to find she has lost her powers. She and Frenchie bond and share a kiss, but Frenchie is later kidnapped by Nina. Hughie reveals his V24 usage to a disappointed Starlight. Maeve gives Butcher another batch of V24 before drinking and having sex with him. She is later captured by Noir and Homelander. Ashley Barrett is named Vought\'s CEO after Edgar\'s departure. A-Train tells fellow Supe Blue Hawk to issue a public apology for using excessive force against African-Americans, but Blue Hawk flies into a violent rage during the event, wounding several bystanders including A-Train\'s brother Nathan.

Upon his return to America, Soldier Boy inadvertently causes an explosion, alerting the Boys. MM, Hughie, and Butcher learn from former Vought executive the Legend that Soldier Boy is going after Crimson Countess. They find and incapacitate her first at her chimpanzee sanctuary. Soldier Boy arrives and kills Countess as revenge for giving him up to the Russians. Butcher decides to partner with him and Hughie goes along despite Starlight\'s protests.


6\"Herogasm\"Nelson CraggJessica ChouJune 24, 2022 (2022-06-24)
The Deep and Homelander uncover security footage of Soldier Boy killing Crimson Countess, leading Noir to cut out his tracking chip and disappear. Nina kidnaps Kimiko and Frenchie\'s former partner Cherie and forces him to choose who to execute, but Kimiko frees herself and kills Nina\'s henchmen while Nina escapes. Neuman privately reveals her powers to Starlight and proposes an alliance, but Starlight declines. Butcher and Hughie help Soldier Boy track down his former teammates in exchange for his help in killing Homelander. All parties converge at the TNT Twins\' residence in Montpelier, Vermont where they are hosting \"Herogasm\", an annual Supe orgy. After the twins claim Noir also sold him out to the Russians, Soldier Boy accidentally releases another energy blast, destroying the building and killing the twins and multiple guests while injuring the rest. Soldier Boy and an empowered Butcher and Hughie join forces to overwhelm Homelander, but he escapes before Soldier Boy can nullify his powers. A-Train uses his powers to kill Blue Hawk, then collapses from heart failure. A disillusioned Annie films a livestream announcing her departure from the Seven and publicly condemning Vought, Soldier Boy, and Homelander.


7\"Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed\"Sarah BoydPaul GrellongJuly 1, 2022 (2022-07-01)
Hiding out in an abandoned Buster Beaver\'s pizza restaurant, Noir is visited by his imaginary friends who are the pizzeria franchise\'s mascots. They re-enact his abuse at Soldier Boy\'s hands and the ambush in Nicaragua — he and most of the rest of Payback, sick of Soldier Boy\'s abuse, conspired to trade him to the Russians on Edgar\'s behalf. They convince him that the bravest thing to do is to confront his fears and face Soldier Boy. In the present, A-Train is successfully revived after receiving a heart transplant from Blue Hawk with Barrett covering up Blue Hawk\'s death by stating that he was among the victims of the \"Herogasm\" incident. Butcher, Hughie, and Soldier Boy seek Payback member Mindstorm, who subdues Butcher, trapping him in memories of his abusive father and the suicide of his little brother Lenny. Hughie convinces Mindstorm to revive Butcher in exchange for his freedom, but Soldier Boy kills Mindstorm shortly afterward. While retrieving Compound V for Kimiko at Vought, Annie discovers that V24 will kill users after three to five doses. Homelander confronts Annie regarding her livestream, but she records him confessing to his crimes and posts it on social media. Frenchie injects Compound V into Kimiko, healing her injuries and restoring her powers. Annie informs Butcher of V24\'s risks, but Butcher chooses to withhold this information from Hughie. Soldier Boy calls Homelander and reveals that he is his biological father.


8\"The Instant White-Hot Wild\"Sarah BoydLogan Ritchey & David ReedJuly 8, 2022 (2022-07-08)
Homelander finds Ryan and reconciles with him. Unwilling to harm Hughie further, Butcher abandons him; Hughie then meets with Annie to apologize. Maeve escapes Vought\'s custody and meets with Hughie, Annie, and MM. Homelander kills Noir for withholding the knowledge of him being Soldier Boy\'s son. A dying Noir is comforted by his imaginary friends who state that they are proud of him. Butcher and Soldier Boy meet with the Boys, Annie, and Maeve, and trap all but Maeve in a safe room before leaving with her and Soldier Boy to kill Homelander. When Ryan defends Homelander, Soldier Boy attacks him too, causing Butcher, Annie, and the arriving Boys to fight Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy attempts to fire another blast, but Maeve tackles him out of the building while Homelander escapes with Ryan. Afterwards, the public mourns Maeve\'s apparent sacrifice unaware that she is alive but depowered. Butcher is terminally ill due to his usage of V24. Annie joins the Boys while burning her Starlight outfit. Soldier Boy is in government custody. Neuman campaigns to be Robert Singer\'s Vice President in his campaign after the Deep murders her predecessor. When the Boys see this, Butcher proclaims that she is their next target. Homelander and Ryan attend a rally for Neuman where Homelander murders a Starlight supporter for attacking Ryan and calling Homelander a fascist. This causes the crowd and Ryan to be pleased with the outcome, to Homelander\'s bemusement and delight.

Cast and characters

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Karl Urban as William \"Billy\" Butcher
Luca Villacis as teen Butcher
Joshua Zaharia as young Butcher
Jack Quaid as Hugh \"Hughie\" Campbell Jr.
Antony Starr as John Gillman / Homelander
Erin Moriarty as Annie January / Starlight
Maya Misaljevic as young Annie January
Dominique McElligott as Maggie Shaw / Queen Maeve
Jessie T. Usher as Reggie Franklin / A-Train
Laz Alonso as Marvin T. \"Mother\'s\" Milk / MM
Elias Leon Leacock as young Marvin T. Milk
Chace Crawford as Kevin Moskowitz / The Deep
Tomer Capone as Serge / Frenchie
Karen Fukuhara as Kimiko Miyashiro / The Female
Nathan Mitchell as Earving / Black Noir
Fritzy-Klevans Destine as young Earving / Black Noir, Voice of Black Sheep Black Noir
Colby Minifie as Ashley Barrett
Claudia Doumit as Victoria \"Vic\" Neuman / Nadia
Elisa Paszt as young Nadia
Jensen Ackles as Ben / Soldier Boy, Voice of Eagle Soldier Boy


Giancarlo Esposito as Stanford \"Stan\" Edgar, Voice of Meerkat Stan Edgar
Justiin Davis as young Stan Edgar
Laila Robins as Grace Mallory
Sarah Swire as young Grace Mallory
Jordana Lajoie as Cherie
Cameron Crovetti as Ryan Butcher
Katy Breier as Cassandra Schwartz
Miles Gaston Villanueva as Alex / Supersonic
Luca Oriel as young Alex / Drummer Boy
Matthew Edison as Cameron Coleman
Matthew Gorman as Todd
Liyou Abere as Janine
Laurie Holden as Crimson Countess, Voice of Fox Crimson Countess
Sabrina Saudin as Also Ashley
Katia Winter as Nina \"Little Nina\" Namenko
Nick Wechsler as Blue Hawk
Tyler Williams as Yevgenny
Frances Turner as Monique
Jack Doolan as Tommy TNT, Voice of Horse Tommy TNT
Kristin Booth as Tessa TNT, Voice of Horse Tessa TNT
Jack Fulton as Lenny Butcher
Christian Keyes as Nathan Franklin
Sean Patrick Flanery as Gunpowder
Gattlin Griffith as young Gunpowder, Voice of Pig Gunpowder
Jim Beaver as Robert \"Bob\" Singer
Ryan Blakely as Mindstorm, Voice of Lamb Mindstorm
Aya Cash as Klara Risinger / Liberty / Stormfront


Simon Pegg as Hugh Campbell Sr.
Malcolm Barrett as Seth Reed
Shantel VanSanten as Becca Butcher (voice)
Brett Geddes as Termite
Kyle Mac as Tony
Jasmin Husain as Silver Kincaid
Abigail Whitney as Moonshadow
Ann Cusack as Donna January
Jordana Lajoie as Cherie Sinclair
Joel Labelle as Swatto
Jasmin Geljo as Oligarch
Kumail Nanjiani as Vik
Paul Reiser as The Legend
Graham Gauthier as Lamar Bishop
Eric Bauza as Buster Beaver (voice)
Grey Griffin as Two Birds (voice)
Nicola Correia-Damude as Elena


Billy Zane, Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen, Patton Oswalt, Josh Gad, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Elizabeth Banks, Aisha Tyler, and Rose Byrne cameo as fictionalised version of themselves, with Zane and Theron respectively portraying Alastair Adana and Stormfront in fictional films within the series in \"Payback\" and \"The Only Man In The Sky\", and Rogen portraying himself as patron \"SirCumsALot779\" in \"The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies\", with the others appearing in the opening scene of \"Herogasm\" in a parody of Gal Gadot\'s COVID-19 lockdown celebrity supergroup cover of \"Imagine\". Jaz Sinclair appears in a photograph in \"The Only Man In The Sky\" as Marie Moreau, ahead of starring as her in the spin-off series Gen V.



The third season was announced on July 23, 2020, ahead of the second-season premiere, at the aftershow hosted by Aisha Tyler for the 2020 San Diego Comic-Con@Home. On October 16, 2020, the season\'s first episode was revealed to be titled \"Payback\". Eric Kripke confirmed that the sixth episode of the season would be adapting the comic book miniseries Herogasm, which will be taking the same name and will focus on the superhero orgy festivals. Kripke confirmed that Soldier Boy will be different from the comics, revealing that instead of being depicted as a superhero who has yearly sex with Homelander in an attempt to gain membership in The Seven, he will be portrayed as the \"Homelander before Homelander\". Kripke also revealed that Soldier Boy won\'t be innocent like he is depicted in the comics and instead he will be portrayed as someone worse than Homelander. Laz Alonso, revealed that the third season would be three times bloodier than the previous season, revealing that they used three and half gallons of fake blood, compared that the previous season only used less than a gallon of blood. On May 17, 2022, it was confirmed that the superhero team Payback would be making their live-action debut on the season, with several superheroes being introduced in the show. The new heroes aside from Soldier Boy would be Crimson Countess, Swatto, TNT Twins, Gunpowder, and Mindstorm.


The series showrunner Eric Kripke said that the season was expected to explore deeper into the American history of the show\'s universe and Vought\'s past. He also revealed that the season would introduce the superhero team Payback:

\"I mean all of them! I mean I think they all get amazing things to do. I mean season 3\'s fun because it\'s not just about Soldier Boy, but it\'s about the team he was a part of which is called Payback. And Laurie Holden plays Crimson Countess and there\'s a bunch of other heroes who are amazing. So, sort of seeing who was the Seven before the Seven. And what was life like for Vought? In the history of Vought what was it like in the 60s and 70s and 80s? To dig into the history of the world, not just the present has been a lot of fun.\"

Laz Alonso revealed that the season was expected to be darker than the previous seasons, stating that Soldier Boy was a pretty dark character that ensembles other Supes dark as well. In October 2020, the already finished script for the third season was revealed to get the title of \"Payback\", confirming that the superhero group of the same name would be making their live-action debut for the series.

One of the many superheroes introduced in the show is Soldier Boy, who serves as the leader of the superhero group \"Payback\". The character is described as a superhero just as dangerous as Homelander who fought in World War II, that represents the embodiment of toxic masculinity and patriotism. Kripke teases that unlike the comics where the character is portrayed as an innocent and cowardly superhero who has yearly sex with Homelander in an attempt to gain membership in the Seven, he would be portrayed as the \"Homelander before Homelander\" and that he would be worse than the same Homelander:

\"In the comics he\'s mostly just kind of bumbling and subservient to Homelander, I would say. As we\'re writing him in this, we\'re getting to really talk about the history of Vought because he\'s like John Wayne. He\'s one of these guys that\'s been around for decades of Vought history. And he was Homelander before Homelander, so he\'s from a different era, but he\'s got the ego and the ambition — it just comes across in a different way because he\'s from a different time.\"

In the show the character is kidnapped and tortured by Russians in order to portray him as a superhero that wouldn\'t be the same that used to be in his time once he wakes up. Kripke made this change with the intention of making a superhero that could potentially be a dangerous rival to Homelander with almost the same strength to stand up to and fight him. Another major change from the character is that his suit would be a green one instead of the modern red, white and blue costume.

Kripke revealed that the season\'s sixth episode would eventually adapt the miniseries comic book Herogasm, which is centered around superhero orgy festivals. He has described the scene as a very difficult one due to the writers trying to find a way of how to make the scene fit into the storyline into the show. Jensen Ackles considered the episode to be the most traumatic experience for the crew that even the director was confused: \"I know I was just kind of very curious as to how that was going to work. And even the director was like \'I don\'t know what I\'m shooting anymore.\' Our crew looked traumatized.\" The episode is described to be the wildest one of the show, as it intends to push several limits for a TV-MA rated show, even to the point where Chace Crawford expresses concern about the reaction of the fans and event to the point of believing that he and the rest of the crew could be canceled from the Internet.

Kripke revealed that from the storylines portrayed in the third season, he considers the character development of Kimiko as his favorite one revealing that from the beginning of the season\'s premiere it would begin her journey of the emotional arc she would have to explore. Kripke has stated that following the previous seasons he decided that it was finally important to give the character some agency:

\"Yeah, it\'s one of my favorite storylines. You\'re really watching her blossom as a personality and really starting to express her own agency. For so much of Kimiko\'s life, she was doing what other people wanted. It was really important to me that, even though she might not be speaking literally, she really has a voice and she really has a point of view and a perspective. It\'s a blast to do it. And Karen deserves more credit than I think she gets, because she is doing one of the great highwire acts on TV right now. I defy you to pick a moment where you don\'t completely understand where Kimiko\'s head is at; what she\'s thinking and how she\'s feeling. And she\'s doing it without saying a damn word. That is so hard, and Karen does it so effortlessly that it\'s just truly an astounding thing to watch.\"

A scene of the season\'s premiere took inspiration from a popular theory turned viral meme of the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Avengers: Endgame when a fan suggested a possible theory of Ant-Man killing Thanos by shrinking inside the latter\'s rectum and expanding. However the theory was debunked by Avengers: Endgame film\'s co-writer Christopher Markus stating that Thanos\' rectum was too strong for Ant-Man and the latter would have been killed instead. This scene is shown during the first 15 minutes of the show where Termite gets in the penis of a lover of his while making love with him but he accidentally sneezes, reverting to normal size and killing the latter. Kripke took the decision to prove that theory to give fans something that Marvel would never do:

\"Craig Rosenberg wrote the script and deserves most of the blame for it. These evolve in a writers\' room and the evolution of that sequence started with, \'We need The Boys to fight a superhero.\' So then we ask, \'What big superhero haven\'t we done yet?\' Someone says, \'We haven\'t done Ant-Man.\' And then someone else says, \'There\'s that meme of Ant-Man climbing up Thanos\' butt and blowing him up. So we should do that. We should give the audience the thing that Marvel can\'t give to them.\' Then someone else raises their hand, hilariously, and says, \'Didn\'t we already do an ass explosion?\' Which we did, in Season 1, with Translucent, which is hilarious.

And so, once you take butts off the table, there\'s really only so many orifices you can go in. And it was Craig who mounted that argument. He\'s like, \'Look, the mouth isn\'t funny and the butt has been done.\' So we\'re going to blaze some new trail through the eye of the needle, as it were. And it was so funny.

Even though it was very much sweetened by the effects, that is a practical penis. That is an 11-foot high, 20-foot long penis head that has a urethra, a tunnel in it, and built at great expense. We got Sony and Amazon to pay so much money to build this set. And it\'s just another reason why I love my job.\"

The season includes a musical sequence taking place in a hospital between Kimiko and Frenchie, which is featured in the fifth episode \"The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies\", with Kripke intending to include the scene since the series second season. The episode was teased on June 14, 2022, on Twitter with the message \"Bring your dancing shoes\" and the hashtag #TheBoysMusical. Fukuhara deemed the scene as an opportunity to bond with Capone: \"The dance rehearsals really bonded us together, and I think you can see that on-screen, as well. There\'s something about working on something together, like doing a team sport, that brings people together.\"


On August 17, 2020, it was announced that Jensen Ackles would be joining the show as Soldier Boy, promising that \"the character would bring so much humor, pathos, and danger to the role.\" On June 7, 2021, Ackles shared through his social media his first look as the character. Laura Jean Shannon designed the suit for Soldier Boy using military green and referring to him as \"the original bad-ass\". She eventually explained how the suit fits his character: \"Our goal was to highlight a bygone era of overt masculinity and grit. With that pedigree we dove headfirst into baking in an all-American quality grounded in a military soldier\'s practicality with a heavy dose of old school cowboy swagger. We knew that the actor had to have Steve McQueen looks and chops with a John Wayne attitude — luckily Jensen Ackles embodies all of that.\"

On October 30, 2020, it was announced that Claudia Doumit and Colby Minifie would reprise their roles as Victoria Newman and Ashley Barrett respectively with both being promoted to series regulars. On March 26, 2021, it was announced that Katia Winter joined the show as the Russian mob boss Little Nina. On June 25, 2021, Laurie Holden was announced to join the show as the superheroine and Soldier Boy\'s ex-girlfriend Crimson Countess. On June 23, 2021, Miles Gaston Villanueva, Sean Patrick Flannery, and Nick Wechsler joined the show respectively as Supersonic, Gunpowder, and Blue Hawk. On October 5, 2021, Frances Turner, Kristin Booth, and Jack Doolan joined the series as recurring characters. Booth and Doolan appears as the TNT twins with the former being Tessa TNT and the latter being Tommy TNT, while Turner replaced Alvina August as MM\'s ex-wife Monique.

Though the character originally wasn\'t meant to return in the season, Aya Cash reprised her role as Stormfront with a guest appearance in the season\'s premiere. Kripke admitted that he took the decision to bring the character back even with a small role and that even Cash was unaware of her return for the season. Antony Starr admitted that he enjoyed to work with Cash once again: \"We\'ve become really tight friends after doing season 2 together. To have her back, even just for a couple of days, was just great. She\'s sorely missed, but she will be forever remembered in season 3, jacking off Homelander.\" Charlize Theron made a surprise cameo appearance as Stormfront in the season\'s premiere for the trailer of the in-universe fictional film Dawn of the Seven in the same vein as her appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as Clea. Paul Reiser also makes an appearance in the series as The Legend, a spoof of legendary screenwriter and producer Robert Evans whereas his comics counterpart was based on Stan Lee. Kumail Nanjiani reprised his role as Vik from The Boys Presents: Diabolical in \"Herogasm\". Voice actor Eric Bauza voiced Buster Beaver, the mascot of Buster Beaver Pizza and a parody of Chuck E. Cheese. With the animation provided by 6 Point Harness, Bauza\'s former animation workplace.


On February 24, 2021, Kripke shared through his Twitter a Homelander\'s statue in the set of the show confirming that the production for the third season officially started in Toronto, Ontario, with the Metro Convention Centre being transformed into the fictional Vought Studios for the show. Kripke was worried that the COVID-19 could endanger the filming for the season causing conflicts with filming schedules, guest stars, and how can it work with the story. However the crew worked hard and managed to use several safety precautions to ensure the safety of every worker, something that Karl Urban acknowledged though the season was originally slated to start production in late January. On September 10, 2021, Karl Urban confirmed that the season officially wrapped filming.

Like the previous seasons, several scenes were filmed at the Roy Thomson Hall to grab the exterior of the Seven Tower with the latter one being re-created digitally. The crew filmed the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to be converted into the inside of the Vought headquarters for the series which included several posters of the supes Homelander and Starlight. The show was also filmed at several places for other scenes from the north of Downtown Toronto to Yonge Street, with a few sequences taking place at the neighborhood of Little Italy. The crew managed to capture a shot at the Flatiron Building for the apartment where the Boys are residing though the interior was probably filmed on a set at the studios. The crew filmed at the exterior of the Saint George Manor for the in-universe fictional reality show named \"American Hero\". The series was also filmed in Canada\'s Wonderland at the Medieval Faire to recreate the fictional in-universe Vought Land theme park, where Kimiko and Frenchie confront Crimson Countess.

Visual effects

The companies that were in charge of creating the visual effects for the season were Pixomondo, Rocket Science VFX, MPC Episodic, Soho VFX, Ingenuity Studios, Rising Sun Pictures, Studio 8, and Outpost VFX. Stephan Fleet was in charge of being the VFX supervisor once again after working for the previous seasons. Fleet revealed that the season would have bigger visual effects than the previous seasons but will keep the characters and story that was created by the creators of the series. Laz Alonzo revealed that the season used over three times the amount of blood more than the previous season: \"I\'ll put it to you this way. I was talking to the head makeup artist and she\'s in charge of ordering the blood — that\'s one of her many jobs. She told me that all of Season 2... When you talk about bulk, I don\'t think they used over a gallon of blood in Season 2, believe it or not. Season 3, we\'re already at three and a half gallons of blood. So that should give you a little indication of where it\'s going.\"

For the scene where Termite gets into and subsequently blows up his lover\'s urethra, Brett Gredge confirmed that the crew created a 11-foot high and 30-feet long penis prosthetic (modelled after that of Seth Rogen) with a post he made at his Instagram account with a photo of himself alongside his stunt double Alex Armbruster posing in front of the fake penis covered in white powder. The show also created a fully made CGI octopus for the scene where the Deep is forced by Homelander to eat it to rejoin the Seven as the crew did not want to endanger or harm any animal. Fleet also revealed that the crew created a giant bag with white powder for the first episode where Termite in his small size is captured by Butcher into a bag full of cocaine and is taken into the custody by the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs. A prosthetic animatronic octopus was created for an scene where it is seen having sex with The Deep for the sixth episode Herogasm.


The soundtrack album for the soundtrack was released digitally on July 8, 2022, through Madison Gate Records. Christopher Lennertz composed the original soundtrack after previously doing so for the previous seasons. On June 3, 2022, Madison Gate Records released its first three songs for the show written by Christopher Lennertz, with the first two being \"You\'ve Got a License to Drive (Me Crazy)\" and \"Rock My Kiss\" both of them being performed by Miles Gaston Villanueva, while the third one was \"America\'s Son\" by Laurie Holden. On June 17, 2022, another song performed by Holden was \"Chimps Don\'t Cry\" which was released alongside its music video.

All music is composed by Christopher Lennertz except where noted

The Boys: Season 3 (Amazon Original Series Soundtrack) No. Title Music Length 1.

\"Not Ready\" 1:38


\"Dawn of the Seven\" 2:07


\"Termite Fight and Rescue\" 1:50


\"Rock My Kiss\"Miles Gaston Villanueva2:25


\"The Vial\" 1:52


\"Mother\'s Milk Torment\" 1:51


\"You\'ve Got a License to Drive (Me Crazy)\"Villanueva2:29


\"Soldier Boy\" 0:56


\"America\'s Son\"Laurie Holden2:42


\"Home for the Super Abled\" 1:12


\"Chimps Don\'t Cry\"Holden3:57


\"Fish Sex / Timothy\" 1:51


\"Dream a Little Dream of Me\"Karen Fukuhara2:09


\"#Homelight\" 1:58


\"Butcher Sold Me\" 2:06


\"Russian Compound\" 1:48


\"Shootout\" 2:01


\"That Will Be Hughie\" 3:35


\"Soldier Boy Alive\" 1:57


\"Maeve Hates Homelander\" 2:26


\"The Only Way I Could Save You\" 3:31


\"A-Train and Turbo Rush\" 1:52


\"Red Thunder\" 1:42


\"Kimiko and Frenchie Tortured\" 3:21


\"Soldier Boy vs. Homelander\" 3:46


\"From a Logical Point of View\"Jensen Ackles2:57


\"Black Noir\'s Cartoon\" 1:34


\"Dreams of Assault\" 1:48


\"Black Noir Dies\" 0:33


\"Vought Tower Break In\" 1:42


\"Unholy Team Up\" 3:20


\"Maeve\'s Ultimate Sacrifice\" 4:13


\"I Can Do Anything / Finale\" 1:05

Total length:



Ahead of the third season\'s premiere, Amazon announced that the series would be releasing video segments of the series in the form of in-universe news reports from the Vought News Network channel on YouTube called \"Seven on 7.\" The video segments were released on the seventh day of each month over a period of seven months starting in July 2021 and concluding in January 2022. The video segments serves as a bridge between season 2 and 3, with each segment containing different stories that tease a series of events expected to happen on upcoming episodes and introducing new characters. Matthew Edison joined the show as news anchor Cameron Coleman, a role that he would reprise at the series third season.

On March 10, 2022, a teaser poster was released through Twitter which consists of Butcher getting heat vision and featured a caption \"Soon, it\'ll be time to level the playing field,\" suggesting that the character would be getting superpowers to be at the level of the supes to finally face them directly. A red band teaser trailer was released just two days later and confirmed officially that Butcher\'s superpowers would be heat vision. On May 13, 2022, released a teaser themed poster for the in-universe fictional film Payback with every member of the superhero group in it with Soldier Boy at the front and center of the poster and the other members being Crimson Countess, TNT (Tommy & Tessa), Mindstorm, Airburst, Gunpowder, and Black Noir.

On May 16, 2022, the official trailer for the season was released, which teased the introduction of a Compound V that grants superpowers for only 24 hours better known as V24, which revealed to be the source of Butcher\'s superpowers. On May 21, 2022, Amazon published a trailer for the in-universe fictional movie Dawn of the Seven which also named it as the Bourke Cut making reference to the film Zack Snyder\'s Justice League. A website which gives users the details for the fictional film was also created as part of the in-universe viral marketing. Posters were also released with the main poster being designed by Kyle Lambert who also worked for the posters of Stranger Things, with the others being individual posters for each of five members of the Seven which are Homelander, Starlight, Black Noir, Queen Maeve, and A-Train. On May 30, 2022, on Twitter it was posted a 1980s themed anti-drug campaign short video with Jensen Ackles portraying Soldier Boy making reference at the Just Say No campaign. The following day it was published the in-universe outtakes of Soldier Boy revealing the true colors of the character as an hypocrital short-tempered, foul-mouthed, alcoholic and drug-addicted superhero.


The third season of The Boys premiered on Amazon Prime Video its first three episodes on June 3, 2022, while the rest of the episodes set to be released on a weekly basis until July 8. Due to the graphic imagery of an orgy that was expected for the episode, the season\'s sixth episode \"Herogasm\" includes a warning sign on a trailer that was released on Twitter that reads: \"This episode depicts a massive supe orgy, airborne penetration, dildo-based maiming, extra strength lube, icicle phalluses and cursing. It\'s not suitable for any audience.\"

Home media

The third season is set for release on Blu-ray as a two-disc set by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on October 24, 2023.


Critical response

On Rotten Tomatoes, the third season holds an approval rating of 98% based on 144 reviews, with an average rating of 8.05/10. The website\'s critical consensus reads, \"Managing to up the ante on what was already one of television\'s most audacious satires, The Boys\' third season is both bracingly visceral and wickedly smart.\" On Metacritic, the season has a weighted average score of 77 out of 100, based on 20 critics, indicating \"generally favorable reviews\".

Alison Foreman of The A.V. Club graded the season an \"A-\" and wrote: \"Packed with fun-as-ever action, surprise cameos, and searingly salient commentary, The Boys season three ticks nearly all the boxes for those seeking on-screen catharsis amid real-world frustration, impatience, and grief.\" The Guardian's Lucy Mangan rated the season with a 4 out of 5 stars and said: \" goes from strength to strength. Between the actors, the writers or the viewers, it\'s hard to say who\'s having the most fun.\" Jennifer Bisset from CNET praised the show for its meta humor and character development and commented: \"Every episode guarantees early Game of Thrones level fornication and bloodshed -- albeit the gory bits have a cartoonish CGI sheen. Even the Soldier Boy coverup storyline echoes the season 2 Stormfront mystery. Thankfully, as always, The Boys finds its sweet spot. It does so via characters more identifiable and conflicted than even the most ground-level Disney Plus heroes.\" Sam Stone from CBR was positive towards the series and said: \"Three seasons in, and The Boys has more than earned its place as one of the best superhero television series of all time and as one of the finest original shows running on Prime Video. Obviously still not for the faint of heart, the superhero satire returns for its third season angrier and more direct than ever, with blood and gore running wholesale as its brutal characters continue to run amuck.\"

Inkoo Kang from The Washington Post praised the show for its themes and performances and suggested: \"It\'s a sturdily built season, but it might make you miss the show at its full strength.\" Brian Lowry from the CNN commended the show for its portrayal of superheroic cynicism and performances and commented: \"The Boys remains creatively fearless and, for those with the stomach for it, a great deal of fun. As creative combinations go, like Homelander, that one-two punch looks pretty near unstoppable.\" Joshua Rivera from Polygon praised the show for portraying real life issues such as the Trump administration and said: \"This bears out — it\'s jarring to see direct references to things Trump said or did when he\'s no longer president. Fortunately, The Boys feels like a work made by people who have plenty of ammunition for both sides of the aisle, as no ideology has a monopoly on craving power — or on worshiping those who amass it.\" Maggie Lovitt from the website Collider rated the season with an \"B+\" and said: \"The third season of The Boys is an insane, blood-soaked, and dick-filled journey into a twisted world where the superheroes are just as corrupt and monstrous as the government agencies that puppeteer them, and the world is ready and willing to buy into that madness and enable it.\"

Angie Han from The Hollywood Reporter commented on her review: The Boys being The Boys, all these relatively nuanced ideas still culminate in a single massive, bloody battle between Supes that\'s more an exaggeration than a refutation of the weightless CG violence served up by any Marvel third act. And yes, it\'s queasily ironic that this takedown of powerful institutions is coming to us from a series funded by one of the most powerful corporations at all. But asking them feels right in line with the series-long quest to interrogate the all-American project of unthinking hero worship. The series hasn\'t lost its bitterness or its bite, and the chilling final shots of the finale should wipe out any fears to that effect. But as season three reminds us, the punches hit harder when there\'s something worth fighting for.\" Jake Kleinman was positive towards the season though considered it unnecessary: \"Maybe The Boys was built for Trump, and without his constant presence, it feels less necessary. Maybe Marvel is less untouchable than it was a few years ago, and The Boys no longer feels like a scrappy parody punching up but more like Amazon punching down.\"

Audience viewership

On the week of May 30 to June 5 it was reported that the third season of the show managed to get the fifth place at the Nielsen rating with over 949 million minutes of the first three episodes being watched. The following week the show suffered a drop of 30 million of viewing minutes managing to get 919 million, though it managed to be at the second place of the nielsen ratings.


^ Introduced in The Boys Presents: Diabolical (2022) episode \"An Animated Short Where Pissed-Off Supes Kill Their Parents\".


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