A Guide For Using and Burn Scented Candles

How do you use scented candles properly?

Scented sticks, incense, air fresheners in spray - all these products have one task: to release a scent. And in addition, handling each of them should be easy. Scented candles are an exception, and although it may seem that it is enough to light them if we want a candle to serve us as long as possible, we should know a few basic rules that will increase the efficiency of a candle and allow the smell enveloping the whole room to remain in perfect quality. Correct burning of a candle is responsible for extending its life and safety during use.

A trimmed wick is the key to success

Before lighting a candle, the wick should be trimmed to a height of about 4-5 mm above the surface of the wax. This should not only be done for practical reasons but also aesthetic reasons. Burning a candle with an uncut wick can cause the wax to crumble and become contaminated, and a faint smell of smoke can emerge from the candle. If you burn soy candles in decorative glass jars, then a too-long wick can cause soot to build up and unsightly discoloration on the walls of the candle, which is complex and not worth the effort to remove. Clean glass jars can be reused after burning the candle, e.g., for decorative purposes or storage. Scissors can be used to trim the wick, but nail clippers work much better - the wick will then be cut evenly.

A Guide For Using And Burn Scented Candles

The characteristic thickening of dried paraffin wax can also be removed from the wick - when it falls into the melted wax on the candle, the thickening disturbs the structure of the candle.

Extinguishing the candle

The quickest and easiest way to extinguish a candle is to blow it out, but this should not be done - the extinguished wick will smoke, leaving a burning smell in the air, and the smoke may settle on objects in the vicinity. For those who have an extensive collection of candles, a unique candle saver will work well - you can also extinguish the flame by using a candle lid.

The right time to light a candle

When we burn a candle, it is best to burn it until the wax has melted to the walls of the container - then, we can be sure that after extinguishing the candle, It will dry evenly over the entire surface. When we burn a candle too short a phenomenon of "tunneling" occurs - the wax first starts to melt around the wick and then a short series of burning causes a tunnel to appear reaching the bottom of the container. Tunneling does not allow a candle to be used to its full potential, and if, after purchase, it turns out that the scent is not to our liking, it will be much more challenging to sell a candle with "tunneling."

The optimal burning time for a scented candle of a large size is 3 to 4 hours, although this time is shorter for candles made of soy wax - it is about 2 to 3 hours.

Please be sure to look for the right place.

Scented candles are a product sensitive to temperature and humidity. Store them in a place with room temperature and low humidity - the effect of moisture may prevent the candle from lighting. Please don't expose the candle to sunlight - it should be in the shade. The sun can cause the wax to dissolve, change its shape, and fade, which can deprive a candle of its fragrant properties.

Please don't leave a lit candle unattended, and avoid placing it near flammable objects.


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