Aromatherapy candle placement technique

What do you do after you turn off the lights? Of course, it is a candle! Today, I will share the simple and easy-to-learn candle placement skills.

Many Instagram net reds like to put a cup of candles on the tray and put it on the corner of the workbench to help relax and work efficiently. When the workbench has no trays, it is also wise to put it directly on a beautiful book or magazine on the spine. Clever use of the book's color and the candle bottle to match each other saves space and kills two birds with one stone.

Cups of candles can also be placed on the shelves and fireplaces with the plants at home. When the colors are harmonious, it is smooth to put in a row.

Low-water cup candles can also be placed by the window. Whether you are reading a book or drinking coffee at the bedside, the presence of the candle is accompanied by warmth and companionship.

The tall candle holders fit on the low coffee table or side of the living room. The marble tray is complemented by a gold candlestick that complements the warm fabric.

The three primary color combinations of gold, black, and white are not messy on the white coffee table. The high candlesticks are placed on the low side cabinets and shelves, and there is no visual sense of oppression.


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