Cold knowledge of scented candles

The delicate friends of life must be familiar with scented candles. It not only has excellent ornamental features but also makes the surrounding space environment romantic and warm! Today, we bring you some cold knowledge of scented candles, hoping to get you a better experience for those who love aromatic candles.

No.1 Selection of scented candles

Whether it is to soothe the nerves, to help the scented candles, or to soothe the pressure of the aromatic candles, you should choose a candle made of pure aromatherapy essential oils and natural plant waxes so that you can fundamentally guarantee that the use will not bring health. Damage!

No.2 Tips Before Use

There is a special way to extend the time of the candle – put the candle in the refrigerator for 1 to 3 hours (depending on the candle, consider the refrigerating time), which can slow down the burning speed of the candle. However, this method can no longer be used repeatedly on the same candle. Otherwise, it will destroy the structure of the scented candle, causing many unpleasant problems when the candle burns!

No.3 Ignition of the candle

When using an igniter or a match to ignite the candle, be sure to place the candle in a shelter. The burning of the candle has a memory function. It is the most critical at the beginning. If it starts to influence the wind or is placed unevenly, it will cause the candle to burn unevenly, forming a dripping wax or affecting the appearance of beauty. The first time the candle burns, it must be kept for 1 to 2 hours so that when it is used later, it will burn thoroughly and evenly, and the flame will be more beautiful! The second and subsequent use is at most 4 hours is the best!

No.4 trimming wick

The wick must be trimmed, even if it is an imported wick. At the beginning, the wick can be reduced to about 0.5cm. Long and short, it will ensure the burning of the candle.
During use, if the wick remains too long, trim it with a wicking to prevent black smoke or uneven burning on one side!
No.5 Extinguishing the candle

If the scented candle is extinguished, please don't feel free to blow it out directly with your mouth. Otherwise, it will produce black smoke and unpleasant temperatures. Even a candle made of vegetable wax will have this phenomenon. We can use a professional candle cap to extinguish it, or you can use a toothpick and other tools to immerse the candle in the wax pool to destroy it; you can avoid the above phenomenon!


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