DIY Proposing Rose Candles

Roses are a favorite of all women. Anyone wanting to marry can make a hand-made rose candle with their hands, and the results will be more effective. Imagine a lit rose candle, the candlelight flashing on a cheerful night, shining on your handsome, beautiful face. What a lovely picture! Next, let Zhaiju Xiaobian teach you how to make a rose candle.

DIY proposing rose candles

1 Preparation materials:

White candles, pink crayons, knives, chopsticks, or other items can be stirred at high temperatures.

Two production process

We need to mix candles and pink crayons in containers and mix them into wax water.

3 Gently pour wax; remind everyone to start production when it is dry!

4 Start the package like this.

5 Patience is wrapped up.

6 Such a flower is produced!

Is it beautiful? The above is all the details of DIY wedding candles.


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