DIY scented candle tutorial with embedded plants

This kind of plant candle is very close to how the wax is made. The tool is still the same: induction cooker, stainless steel pot, bean wax, dried flower, stir bar, thermometer, and essential oil.

In addition, you need to add a candle, a clip, a small pudding bottle, and the bottle and can at home can be used.

Weigh the bean wax in proportion, heat the pot with water, and stir until the bean wax is completely melted.

The thoroughly melted soybean wax is allowed to stand, and the pure essential oil is added in proportion and stirred well.

Cool for 5 minutes, and pour the bean wax into the bottle.

Then, you can start to pull the petals! This step is recommended first; amaranth, lavender, lemongrass, chrysanthemum, and rose are suitable; you can also directly purchase the tea category in the supermarket.

Make the broken petals; first, use the sprinkle, then stir to ensure that the fractured petals are evenly distributed around the bottle.

The next prepared wick will be on the scene. To be vertical, to prevent tripping, we need to clamp it to maintain balance. When burning, the candle wick that comes out of this will be positive, and the stock of candles will not be uneven.

Finally, let stand for 1-2 days, relaxed and solidified; remove the clip and trim the wick.

What if you want the flowers to be close to the outside of the glass? We can choose the slender dried flowers clamped with tweezers and some bean wax on the wall. Could you pour all the bean wax?

After it has completely solidified, it is a beautiful flower and candle. As for whether the flowers can be accurately attached to the wall, you need to practice repeatedly. How are you learning?


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