Do you know that there are also notes on birthday candles?

Do you know that there are also notes on birthday candles?

(1) The candle is the lamp. On the birth day, the devout light will make a wish, and the desire will be more effective. And how many birthdays and candles are needed, but the actual situation is often only done by a few people.

(2): There is still a saying before, that is, how many candles are lost, how many lifespans are lost, so it is better not to point or not. But there are a lot of digital candles on the market, so there is little attention.

(3): It is forbidden to ignite three candles on the birthday cake, not including the three-year-old birthday. Because this is the candle of death, it is very taboo to ignite our three-candle birthday cakes in China.

(4) A little birthday candle still can’t be burned out. After the wish, the birthday person can blow it out together with everyone. As for the color of the candle, the color is good, and it is not suitable for a single color.

(5): The more colors of birthday candles, the more colorful and joyful and peaceful in the future. At the same time, it also means the world, the sky is high and the king is flying, the sea is vast with the prince, everything is unchecked, and the wish is fulfilled.

(6): The birthday candle is only suitable for the birthday date. The wishing effect is also the best. A person’s birthday is not ideal for two birthday candles. No matter how many friends there are, there are more banquets; birthday candles can only be on the same day and can only be ordered once.

For more information, please pay attention to candle manufacturers.


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