Gift candles must develop several aspects that must be innovated

1. It can be added to the shape of other accessories, such as the production of candles with a base so that you can start from the candlestick and produce a variety of different styles of candles so that the candles of this shape will be favored by western countries that like to pursue novelty, fashion, and mystery. Welcome.

2, such as styles, lotus candles, crystal candles, butter candles, candlesticks, and other candle shapes, have room for evolution; you can find which type of candle is more popular and perfect for making it more refined.

3. In addition, manufacturers can consider adding flavors and other materials to traditional candles so that when the candle is ignited, it emits different fragrances. Certain odors can calm, relax, or relieve stress, thus contributing to people’s health. Healthcare products have gradually become a consumer trend in countries such as Europe, where social pressure is tight and are increasingly favored by European consumers.
4. In terms of product structure, from the trend of product structure changes in recent years, the development of new material waxes and aroma waxes has been rapid, the sales of odorless polishes have gradually shrunk, the sales of middle and low-grade candles have remained stable, and the consumption of high-grade candles has continued to grow. Candle products made of new materials such as molecular synthetic wax and vegetable wax have gained the favor of more and more consumers due to the advantages of natural raw materials, non-polluting and ornamental. Especially for health, no Countries such as Europe and the United States, where pollution is highly valued.


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