How do you distinguish between soy wax and paraffin?

The easiest way is to try by hand.

The melting point of paraffin wax is relatively high (not a burning issue), up to 60 degrees. The so-called melting point temperature is melting into candle tears and candle oil, so you will feel very hot when you drop it by the candle; even if you are playing low-temperature candles, there are more than 40 degrees. Temperature.

The tears of the bean wax are lower than your body temperature, only about 30 degrees. You will only feel warm when you try. Because of the low melting point, most of the scented candles made of vegetable waxes, such as bean wax, are in containers, such as transparent cups, to prevent the candle from melting naturally without forming at a high temperature. One reason is also to prevent the fragrance from being lost. In addition, the tears of the vegetable wax falling on the clothes or the table can be easily wiped off with hot water or a hot cloth.


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