How to make a beautiful candle cup an ornament?

After the scented candle is burned, residual wax will still be at the bottom of the cup. It is a pity to lose it because many aromatic candle cups are designed with super texture. If cleaned, they can be used as pen holders, vases, and containers and become a home with a tasteful decoration style. This time, we asked fragrance experts how to burn out the candles, clean up the remaining wax in the cup, and reuse the candle cups. The steps are simple and can be performed at home. How can a practical little knowledge such as fragrance control be missed?

Step1. Put the candle cup in the basin or the sink with the drain hole plugged. Pour boiled water out of the candle cup, which is higher than the wax remaining in the candle cup.

Step2. Soak for 10-15 minutes, pick up the candle cup, then wipe off the wax remaining in the cup with a napkin; because the wax has been softened, it is straightforward to wipe. Note! Never pour hot water directly into the cup because melted wax can easily cause water pipe blockage if it flows into the water pipe with the water.
For the case where the cup edge is blackened, you can also use it in this way.


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