100Pcs Unscented Smokeless Tealight Candles Bulk


Tealight CANDLES

Never leave burning candles unattended.
Keep burning candles away from flammable material, drafts, and vents.
Keep burning candles out of reach of children or Pets.
Do not move candles when lit and when wax is liquid.
Always burn candles on protected, heat-resistant surfaces.
When relighting candles, trim the wick to 0.5cm.
Don't damage the wick or drop the foreign material, e.g., match heads in wax pools.
For optimum burning time, use for at least 1 hr before extinguishing.
When used as a heat source, e.g., oil burner, ensure the heated surface is at least 4cm above the tip of the flame.
Do not extinguish with water.

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our tealight candles are made from 100% paraffin wax. Crafted by premier candle makers, these are pressed WAX, which allows them to be removed from the tin holder.
  • MEDIUM DURATION: Perfect for indoor and outdoor events, these centerpiece lights burn for 4 hours, enough for most dinners, weddings, parties, or special occasions you need to enhance the decor.
  • SHABBAT CANDLES: Whether you are traveling, having guests, or are looking for a Jewish gift for a host or hostess, these make the perfect Shabbos candles or present to light each Friday night.
  • FOR BEAUTIFUL DECORATING: Odorless and clean burning, these are perfect for wedding and party planners, restaurants, and anyone looking to create the ideal warm ambiance for all occasions.
  • GREAT FOR EMERGENCIES: Whether it is a power outage & blackout or an emergency romantic dinner with the wife or girlfriend, Keep a few in your kit! They are safe to use around the house.



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