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Scent, one of the five sense organs of the body, has the most extended memory retention. The smell reminds people of good memories and the perception of life. When you light a scented candle, the wax starts melting. The dimension door of smell is opened, and at the same time, good memories also coexist with it.

Convenient to carry

- Candles in the Jar can be placed on the table directly. And wax will not outflow on the table. Not only just being candles but also being Art décor. Decorate your home or your table quickly.
Environmentally friendly-Made from soy wax, no paraffin. Fresh smell, easy to use, long-lasting, efficient, and durable. Burning time of each one is 25 hours. Size:6.2*6.5cm

Pretty Packaging

- The box and package are beautifully designed. A good gift for friends and loved ones. Suitable for Weddings, Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's & Father's Days, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...

Applications in Different Scenarios

- ideal for birthday dinner, chilling out, listening to music, soaking in a warm bath before sleeping, meditating, yoga, and home date nights. Bring You Enjoyment and Improve the Quality of Life. Lighting a scent is a cleansing ritual. It was burning herbs and oils in a way that fills the home with fragrance. Just sit down and release negative thoughts in such a scented air that can improve your clarity of thought.


Misty Forest, Bluebell Flower, Lychee White Tea, Rose Sandalwood, Ink Love, Peony, Sage, Azure, Shangri-La, Tuberose, Lavender, Rose, Bamboo, True, English Pear


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