Literature, starting with hand-made candles

The light of the kerosene lamp in memory is hot and carries the time that can’t be recovered.
There were so few kerosene lamps in my childhood memories, and many children after 00 still had not seen them. They don’t look so high-end gorgeous, but from a practical point of view, it’s still a genuine “gentleman,” not so terrible, and it won’t be easy to burn a small hand.
The candle is farther away from our age, for fear that at a moment of looking back, it will become a museum of a particular era, which is another strange understanding of children. So when I learned that the candle can do DIY myself, I was the one who was overjoyed.

There are many kinds of wax products: paraffin wax, jelly wax, pearl wax, soybean wax, etc…

Generally made into a variety of good-looking shapes, it is paraffin, semi-transparent, mysterious, and dreamy; easy to debug out the color of macaron, like a filter, you can never guess the color you give What is the final result, it is likely that you are still a youthful and intoxicating gradient.

There is also a really jelly wax, transparent effect, casually covered with colored sand, decorated with sea stars, shell live conch, surrounded by a sweet taste between the nose, as if you can go back to childhood, stepping on the fine sand of the beach You can ride the sea breeze in one hand and step on the sea in one foot. Of course, different combinations can give you additional visual enjoyment.

The girl’s favorite is probably pearl wax, the fastest to become a finished product. But as long as you use your heart, you will create a miracle different from others and envied by people. Granular pearls are intrinsic and rare creations. We carefully select the retro umbrella, or we can match the fruit candle made into a finished product. The summer seaside wind is coming!
The familiar ones may be soy wax, so let me talk about this aroma of soy wax. Compared with any wax, soy wax has the longest burning time and the sweetest smell, even if it is easier to clean on drip furniture or clothing. Therefore, soy wax is the first choice for many high-end fragrance products!


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