Pairing knowledge of scented candles

1. Pairing skills of scented candles

There are three kinds of scented candles: jelly wax, fruit wax, tea wax, and paraffin. There are strawberry, lemon, apple, blueberry, rose, lavender, warm home, orange, jasmine, etc.

2. from the nature of aromatic plants, they have strong sterilization function, can significantly reduce and eliminate bacteria and viruses in the air, increase the body’s immune ability, and spend the day at our anxiety; fragrance is another we unloaded armor, leisurely in the scent of sweet and warm, the use of incense build atmosphere like indoor decorate, is a kind of art and science, not like the painting on the wall, wall act the role ofing is tasted, the decoration of the cabinet as clearly visible, but he is a kind of unique fragrance to decorate, although invisible but like to please your senses

3. Mix the aromatherapy oil and water in a proportion of 1:15 and put them in the aromatherapy oven. It can purify the air and create a pleasant atmosphere and mood. Please don't splash into your eyes when using. This product should not be eaten. It should be stored at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight. Please don't use it in iron containers.

Ii. Warning

Burn for no more than 2 hours at a time.

2. Keep the wick vertical and at a length of 0.5 cm, and clean it frequently.

If the flame is too small, please extinguish the candle and carefully pour away the wax liquid.

Candles must be placed on an insulating surface when burning.

Do not light candles; stay away from children when no one is looking.

6. Scented candles have gradually become the consumption fashion of young people. However, industry insiders say frequent use of scented candles could be healthier.


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