Scented Candle Gel Wax Wholesale

Gel wax is a type of wax that is used in candles and wax melts. It's made from a combination of mineral oil and polymer resin, which gives it a clear, jelly-like appearance. Gel wax is becoming increasingly popular because it has a longer burn time than other types of wax.

We have all seen eye-catching candles in glass cups or vases; inside were unexplored sea depths, fantastic reliefs, or glasses filled with champagne, wine or beer, and many others.

Creating gel candles allows the creator’s imagination to run wild without limit. This is facilitated by candle gel – one of the main advantages is transparency if you are interested in gel wax wholesale.

Candle gel (gel wax) is a transparent jelly-like substance consisting of three types of mineral oil of different viscosities and a polymer to create a gel structure. The approximate percentage of these two elements is 95% mineral oil and 5% polymer resin. The gel is safe and environmentally friendly. The melting point of the gel is only 70-90 degrees. Penreco patents the candle gel.

Diy Candle Material Package Hand Made Marine Beach Ocean Sea Scent
Candles made of our Gel Wax

There are three “grades” of gel depending on density – high grade (HP), medium grade (MP), and low grade (LP). A high-polymer gel suitable for clear candles with medium- to high-fragrance loads, 0 - 5%, and the ability to suspend dense pigments or decorative particles. Also, depending on the design and shape of the candle, this gel can be made into a free-standing form. The high class has a high cost but has a more rigid consistency, which is convenient when transporting finished candles. The most demanded is the middle class, which has sufficient hardness and is more affordable.

Benefits of  Gel WAX

  • safety and security. When burning, the gel does not emit harmful products and does not form carbon deposits.
  • Slow combustion. The gel burns much more extended than paraffin or wax.
  • Brightness. The flame of gel candles is brighter than that of paraffin or wax candles.
  • Absence of smells during burning. When burning, the gel does not emit any odors, which allows it to be aromatized.
  • Transparency. And, of course, clarity, thanks to which it is possible to create unimaginable decors inside the candlesticks.
  • No shrinkage. Unlike wax and paraffin, the gel does not form cavities and holes when cooling, meaning correcting finished candles is unnecessary after complete cooling. If you are interested in gel wax wholesale, please contact us.

Creating candles: the gel should not be overheated above 110 degrees, which can lead to smoking and haze of the gel. Avoid contact with water – the gel will become cloudy. To correct the turbidity from overheating is possible only by adding a dye. When working on an open fire, ensure that the gel does not hang from the edge of the dish. It may ignite. If you are interested in gel wax wholesale, please contact us.

Using gel candles: when using gel candles, the same safety rules should be followed as with wax or paraffin candles. A burning candle can cause a fire, especially if the candle is poured into a vessel that does not retain heat. Do not leave a burning candle unattended near small children.

Gel candles are often given as gifts, so be sure to share safety tips with whoever you share your love of candles with.

See what incredible candles you can make with candle gel. These are not just candles but an element of decor! If you are interested in gel wax wholesale, please get in touch with APHRO.


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