Selection and daily maintenance of scented candles

Now a little more delicate girl, no stranger to the fragrance. Especially the aromatherapy products at home often bring us happiness. But Xiaobian wants to ask: everyone uses scented candles; are you right?

1. How to choose aromatherapy candles

A good product is purely green, non-polluting, pure quality plant essential oils and vegetable waxes. When choosing, the sisters must observe its wick (the cotton core is better). As for the good or lousy wax, it can be ignited and smelled.

2, trim the wick every time

If you buy a large bottle of scented candles, you can’t use them all at once. You need to trim the wicks before each use. Leave a length of about 5 mm. If you don’t cut it, the candle cup is quickly blackened.

3. How long does it burn each time?

Aromatherapy candles generally last for three to four hours, and some only need to burn for two hours. However, for the first time the candle is used, it is recommended to wait until the candle surface forms a complete and uniform wax pool, then extinguish the candle.

4, how to extinguish the candle

When the candle is extinguished, it cannot be blown with the mouth, forming a black smoke. You can use the cap to extinguish the candle or the candle's lid to replace it. Special candle cutters can also be prepared to trim the wick and extinguish the candle.


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