Smokeless Lavender Essential Oil Fragrance

Material: natural plant mixed wax
Specification: 7 * 8.5CM (diameter * height)
Net weight: about 160g
Duration: 25 ° C at room temperature, about 40 hours
Store below 55 ° C in a ventilated and dry place

Citron craft candle is an art in life that can not only diffuse fragrance but also remove odor in the air;

Moreover, it can relax one’s spirit and comfort him;

At the same time, it can also adjust the atmosphere and add interest.

You know life is worth having.

We have carefully selected a variety of scented craft candles for you
Each fragrance type has been carefully formulated by the perfumer and repeated comparisons.

Paraffin is a petroleum extract. Compared with traditional paraffin, soybean wax does not contain harmful substances and allergens and is not harmful to babies and pets;
Pure soybean wax can burn impurities in the air to achieve the effect of air purification;
The burning temperature of soybean wax is low, which ensures a good fragrance and a longer burning time. The burning time of soybean wax of the same weight is about 50% longer than that of paraffin wax.

• Many container-type citron candles on the market have almost no bubbles, and they are very smooth and flat after they are extinguished and solidified. Although the product is an advertised soy wax candle, paraffin or a shrinkage preventive agent is likely added. The material used in our shop is SGS-certified pure natural soy wax. Only essential oils or flavors are added. If you smell it carefully, you can still smell the natural taste of soybean wax.

• To ensure the fragrance of craft candles, more spices will be added. But soy wax does not wholly lock all the spices. There will be varying degrees of “sweating” in a warm environment. These sweats are spices. When the scented candle comes out of oil, do not wipe it off so as not to affect the fragrance of the candle; it will disappear automatically when placed in a relaxed environment.

• When the candle burns, carbon deposits appear on the heart of the candle. This characteristic of soybean wax does not affect the use or the fragrance experience. If the carbon deposits are too large, you can cut them out with candle scissors.

• The citron craft candle is built into the glass. Due to the temperature, it occasionally peels and cracks when it is cold; when it is hot, it is easy to melt, but it does not affect the use ~ it is easy to dissolve in summer, so Buyers are aware that re-shooting is acceptable. If you have any questions, please consult customer service. Do not accept questions such as cup removal, melting, and potholes after burning and solidification caused by the characteristics of the craft candle itself.


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