The effect of scented candles on pet dogs

Aromatherapy candles are now becoming an everyday item, and many friends have such things at home. These natural and gentle fragrances can alleviate my stress and give me a more comfortable environment. In reality, however, such an approach may not be suitable for dog owners who have dogs at home. Certain substances produced by burning scented candles may endanger dogs' health. But you don’t have to worry about throwing away the aromatic candles at home. Let’s first understand what went wrong with these scented candles.
What is the danger of scented candles on dogs?
Dogs are not compatible with scented candles. The simplest thing is that aromatic candles are an open fire. If a dog comes into contact with a candle, it is likely to be burnt or burned by the candle. If the owner is not home, the dog may knock over the candle and eventually cause a fire. The owner must carefully place the candle where the dog can’t reach it.
The effect of odor on dogs
Among the scented candles currently on the market, not all products are high-end and natural. Most of the fragrance is derived from the synthesis of chemicals. These chemicals can infiltrate the indoor air, although most are harmless to the human body, but not necessarily to dogs. Dogs stay longer than humans at home, and dogs are more likely to inhale these harmful substances into the lungs and the bloodstream. Even if it is not inhaled into the lungs, it will fall on the dog’s hair, and when the dog licks his hair, it will enter the dog’s body.
What substances affect dogs?
According to an article published in the American Journal of Animal Health, these chemicals are likely to affect the health of dogs:
Paraffin: Most candles are made of paraffin. It releases carcinogens when burned.
Lead: Some wicks are metal-core candles that may contain information. Authority can damage the dog’s central nervous system.
Benzene: This known carcinogen is emitted from a burning candle.Acrolein, acetaldehyde, and formaldehyde: These dangerous chemicals are carcinogenic and can reduce air quality. They can cause respiratory problems in dogs.


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