The principle and scope of electronic candle

Electronic candle principle:

Electronic candle It also has a lamp called an electronic candle, which is made of the shape of the original simple analog candle and has formed our fourth-generation fifth-generation voice-activated electronic light. The functions of all aspects are constantly becoming more and more powerful, not only for projection but also for sensing sound and hair blowing; the color is continuously increasing, and we are developing towards our gifts and personalization.

Electronic candle features:
There will be no fever, it is safe and environmentally friendly, and the fire of our traditional candle flame is solved. It can be used not only for daily lighting but also because of its various styles and colors. And therefore also has a strong decorative.
Electronic candle use range:
It can be used during our festivals and events, combines romance, sentiment, and warmth, and the unique, innovative projection design makes the original ordinary candlelight radiant different for us. People at all levels can be satisfied, and many festivals can be used in daily life and at home.


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