Traditional + Modern Candle Jars Vessels Bulk Wholesale

We offer an extensive range of quality candle jars and containers, including classic and trendy options like mason jars, apothecary jars, jelly jars, and more. Our assortment of containers comes in diverse shapes and sizes, guaranteeing that you will find the perfect option for your candles. Are you interested in purchasing containers in bulk? We offer wholesale discounts on all candle jars; no special sign-up or account is required!

Traditional + Modern Candle Jars Vessels Bulk WholesaleGlass jars in traditional styles. Ceramic jars with a modern look. Luxury jars in eye-catching iridescent hues.

Find the perfect match for your unique vision, make your candles stand out in a crowd, and delight your customers!

With a growing variety of sizes, colors, materials, shapes, and designs to suit your style, we invite you to explore our diverse selection of candle jars.

The popularity of scented candles is skyrocketing, and if you are showcasing your candle-making talents, APHRO has the ideal selection of candle jars, bottles, and tins to complete your next project. Our glass candle jars can withstand the heat of the flame and hot wax, so you can be assured you are delivering a safe product to your customers. We offer a great inventory of high-quality candle jars, including our popular amber straight-sided cream jars.

Available in a variety of sizes, neck diameters, and bottle styles — like straight-sided round and cream round — our candle containers are suitable for just about any imaginable shape or style of candle. Each can be fitted with a matching metal lid to complement your logo and marketing concept. Lids are available in colors like silver and white to further highlight your package design.

All of our glass candle jars are untreated, easy to fill, and can be endlessly recycled. With our selection of distinctively shaped, durable glass jars, your product will stand out on the store shelves. The clear glass jars offer sufficient space for applying your product labels while displaying the natural colors and textures of your handcrafted candles. If you are not sure what size jar you need for your next candle-making project, contact our packaging experts to find the right container at the right price. We’ll work with you throughout the ordering process to ensure you are completely satisfied with the size and style of your glass candle jars.

As with all other packaging products we sell at, we offer bulk discounts if you need to order a high volume of candle jars. Of course, we also offer these jars by the carton, which enables you to purchase them in quantities as small as a dozen jars.

We are here to supply small business owners, crafters, and entrepreneurs with our wholesale candle-making supplies.

Introducing our candle jars - the perfect vessel to bring your candle creations to life! Crafted from high-quality, heat-resistant glass, these jars are designed to withstand the heat of burning candles and showcase your candle's beautiful colors and textures.

Our candle jars are ideal for DIY candle makers, as well as for those who want to create custom candles for special occasions or as gifts. It's also perfect for creating a candle collection to display on a shelf or table.

So whether you're an experienced candle maker or just starting our candle jars are the perfect choice to showcase your candle creations and enhance the ambiance of any space.

Please note that all volume sizes are listed according to the manufacturer's specifications. The actual wax weight used to fill the jars will be different by as much as 20% depending on the wax being used as some are denser than others.


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