What is the layout and presentation position of the wedding candles?

A wedding is the great event of a lifetime, a happy memory of a lifetime, which means a new life stage begins. Xiaobian will share with you how to create a warm and romantic wedding; the most important thing is the wedding candle arrangement, then how to purchase the candle? How do you choose a unique style?
First, the correct process of choosing wedding candles

1. Check the wax core of the candle, commonly known as [“. It would be best to dial the wax around the wax core to see its thickness. If it is as wide as the white line of the quilt, it is a poor quality candle because the wax core If it doesn’t ignite for a few minutes, it will burn out, and the candle will be extinguished. If the wax core is spun like a multi-strand white thread, the candle's burning time will be longer. Therefore, checking the wax core when the new person chooses the candle is recommended.

2. the variety of wedding candles

With the advancement of the craft, various wedding candles are emerging, such as fragrant candles, jelly candles, craft candles, etc.; scented candles represent love sweetness; jelly candles represent love purity; craft candles represent more life Colorful. The most commonly used in weddings are craft candles.

3. the color and shape of the wedding candle

When choosing a wedding candle, the color and shape should match the color of the wedding subject and theme. The wedding candles on the market are rich in color and body, and almost all the styles we need can be quickly helped to find the most suitable ones.

4. the position and candlestick presented

Wedding candles can be placed on the road lead, dining table, sign-in place, and candle holders, and should be matched with flowers to complement each other. Wedding candle holders can’t be ignored because the effect of wedding candles must be better with a delicate candlestick. Otherwise, the wedding candle is no better; it will not help. We usually use glass, ceramic, wrought iron, or silver candlesticks; we can also use a plate or cup to hold the water, which is both beautiful and economical.


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