What is the role of scented candles?

1. Improve environmental sanitation, remove odor, and decompose secondhand smoke

After the scented candle is ignited, the scent evaporates to purify the air, eliminate the odor, and improve the surrounding air quality. The essential oils added to the scented candles affect the cerebral cortex differently.

2, repel mosquitoes, antibacterial, mites

Peppermint essential oil can help remove mosquitoes, while lavender, green apple, lemon, mint, and other ingredients are antibacterial.

3, soothe irritability, relieve stress, insomnia, headache

The chamomile ingredients added by the scented candles can calm the body and mind and have a soothing effect on people who are easily irritated and stressed by people who are shocked, stressed, and infants. It is recommended for pregnant women or children. Rosemary ingredients are used in Europe to treat headaches and migraine headaches. They are also effective in treating scented candles and insomnia in aromatic candles.

4, enhance resistance, prevent disease, and reduce high blood pressure

Lavender ingredients are more common in aromatherapy products. In addition to sterilization and disinfection, they also detoxify and stimulate the body’s immune system. The wound cells will accelerate regeneration after stimulation and improve the resistance. Can prevent diseases.

5, improve the respiratory tract, nasal sensitive asthma

The mint ingredient added to the scented candle has a refreshing, apparent, and calming effect, particularly effective against the stomach or other digestive systems. They are also helpful for respiratory diseases, such as dry cough, sinus bleeding, asthma, and other diseases; they can prevent colds and improve respiratory tract and nasal sensitivity problems.

6, refreshing and enhancing memory

A lemon-scented scented candle with a refreshing scent helps the user regain their spirit and keep their mind clear. Rosemary can invigorate the heart and enhance memory. This is why many people choose rosemary-scented candles.


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