Aromatherapy candle tips

Q1: What is the relationship between the choice of Scented Candles and the change of season?
On cold winter nights, people wrap themselves in wool blankets to warm themselves; in the hot summer, they always open windows to ventilate. Similarly, scented candles should also vary from season to season. In the winter, it is suitable for burning candles with musk, amber, vanilla, and milky notes. To keep it fresh and comfortable in summer, you should choose roses, lavender, and rosemary.
1. The room's size will affect the fragrance's concentration.
2. Do not ignite ordinary and aromatic candles simultaneously because the former will absorb the latter's aroma.
3. Use only one or two flavors. Our sense of smell is numb because of too many flavors.
4. Try to choose a candle with a larger candle. Because the candle burns, the more the candlesticks gather in the candle area, the stronger the candle's aroma.
5. Often trim the wick. The wick has a significant influence on the fragrance

Q2: What are the benefits of igniting aromatherapy candles?
The sense of smell is the most sensitive of human feelings. On average, each person can distinguish between 10,000 different flavors. The scent can adjust the mood and create an atmosphere; some fragrances are the best complement to relaxation.
An aroma-filled room immediately feels more homely, making people feel comfortable and happy. In recent years, the popularity of household spices has increased significantly, and the variety of herbs on the market is enough to evoke any emotions and feelings.
One of the easiest and most convenient ways to create a fragrant fragrance is to ignite a candle. Moreover, the swaying candle flames help to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. In addition, you can use a particular aromatherapy stove to fumigate the essential oil to make the room smell.

Q3: How did the scented candle develop?
Aromatherapy candles appeared in the early 19th century. As early as 1893, the British Candle Company had created a candle with a blueberry scent. However, until recently, aromatic candles have become popular. Today, when the home is elementary, large-scale aromatic candles have become a collection of fashion life and are the main elements of the idea of [changing a home as a sanctuary”.
Although there are many kinds of aromatic candles on the market, usually, the price should be slightly more expensive because these candles contain more spices, better quality, and slower burning. At the same time, because of the high content of herbs, this kind of candle is softer than ordinary candles, which can more effectively carry out indoor incense. Wax soft candles burn more evenly, keeping the shape for a more extended period.


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