The benefits of scented candles and essential oils

According to scientific research, because essential oils are energy, fluctuations are more substantial than other flavors, so they are transmitted to the brain earlier than other flavor fluctuations, so the odor in the air is masked.

The scented candle not only helps to remove the odor of the space, enhances the comfort of the living space, but also improves the mood and relaxes and soothes. Selecting a scented candle containing essential oils in the room can enhance the utilization of essential oils and create a unique, soothing fragrance that suits you.

▲ Rosemary essential oil
It has the effect of invigorating the spirit and enhancing the memory. It can also help the brain to reason.
Note: Hypertensive patients and pregnant women should avoid using them.
▲ Eucalyptus essential oil
It is a natural cold treatment that can also prevent rhinitis and some respiratory tract inflammation.
Note: Avoid using high blood pressure and epilepsy patients.
▲Chamomile essential oil
It can calm our mind and body. For the frightened and infant children, the child has a calming effect. It is very suitable for making vanilla-like candles for pregnant women and babies.
▲ Rose essential oil
With anti-depressants and calming effects, it can calm emotions, relieve potential stress, and release happy hormones.
Note: Pregnant women should avoid using it.
▲ Lavender essential oil
It has a calming and soothing effect, which can calm the tension, help sleep, and relieve headaches. It can also be used for colds, coughs, and bronchitis.
Note: Patients with hypotension and pregnant women should avoid using them.
▲ peppermint essential oil
It has the effect of refreshing and refreshing thoughts and is particularly effective for stomach and digestive system discomfort. It is also helpful for the respiratory tract and can prevent colds.
Note: Pregnant women should avoid using it.
▲ Lemon essential oil
It has the effect of boosting the immune system and helping to fight infectious diseases. In addition, the fresh fragrance of lemon helps restore the spirit and keep people clear.


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