How are layered candles made by hand?

Just make a few layers of candles and pay attention to a few points:
1. After the first layer is dry, add another layer.
2, if the width of each layer is the same, then the boiled wax will be quantified (except for irregular containers)
3, control color (dye)
Required supplies:

1. Glass jars, tin cans, etc.

2. Wax sheets

3. Candle cores

4. Boiled wax pot

5. Boiled water cauldron

6. Discarded chopsticks

7. Thermometer

8. Dyes

9. Aromatherapy essential oil (may not)

1. Plastic box, tape the bottom to the bottom (the container is sealed on all four sides, leaving only one mouth above.)
2. The wick (with an iron tray) is fixed in the middle of the bottom of the box. Could you set the wick clip?
3. Quantitatively take wax for each color, and use a scale to give each layer of wax a piece of soy wax (with ready-made candles, you can also cut with a knife)
3. Heat a piece of the pot with a pool to stir and melt. Pay attention to the fire, and do not control the temperature of the wax.
4. The measured temperature is below 60 degrees; too high a temperature, the surface is prone to cracks when it is finally cooled.
5. Put a yellow dye into the melted wax to stir and accelerate the fusion of the paint and wax. The other colors work the same.

7. Take a small amount of wax from the bottom of the container and check for leaks. If there is a Tito, soak the iron into the melted wax, then take it to the bottom of the container, and the wax will solidify instantly.

Take a colored wax oil and pour it into the container. After solidification, then run the second color. If the wax oil prepared beforehand has solidified, it can be heated again and turned into liquid.
Finally, please remove the candle, cut off the excess wick, and it’s done.


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