How to make DIY handmade jelly candles

The first step, set:

1) Bottom shape: a sanding: color sand needs to fall a little bit along the wall of the cup. You can`t shake the cups back and forth, avoiding the mixed colors of various colors unless you want to create that effect. Sanding methods are varied: layering, flowering, heart-shaped, tiling, and diagonal paving, which can be laid on the bottom as desired.

b. Put the decorative materials; you can choose the materials you like to make the shape; pay attention to the materials placed in the bottom form to be patchwork, high and low, at different levels. Otherwise, the whole story could be more beautiful on a line.

2) Suspension modeling: Pour the wax into the surface to be slightly dry, and do not suspend the liquid to make the suspension shape. Both fixed and unfixed suspensions can be made.
The second step is to burn the wax:
Slow heat mode: after a layer of wax at the bottom of the pot is melted, it can be heated until the naked eye can not see the bubbles, then turn off the induction cooker. When the wax is burned, the inner color pigment can be used for coloring, and the toner is dissolved in the wax-burning process to adjust the amount of the toner supplied as needed.
The third step is to pour wax:

Do not use too much temperature to avoid excessive bubbles or scalding cups and materials. In paste form, the speed should be slow to reduce air bubbles. When pouring the wax, use the flow bar, which will be kept at a low position. Try to run the flow bar slowly into the cup. Do it lightly, steadily, and slowly.

The fourth step, coloring:
The Jelly Candle is mainly used to color the inner color pigment, and the toner is added between the water and the oil (the temperature is about 60 degrees). The general color is not at the top of the work so as not to affect the transparency of the set. It can be made gradient or completely layered. If it is a gradual color, you can pour the new color before the candle is completely dry. If you need to stratify completely, you must fill the new color after the layer of wax is completely dry.


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