DIY Candle Material Package Hand-made Marine Beach Ocean Scent


Include: Gel Wax, Tealight, Glass, Starfish, Conch etc.

You shoud make the Candle By Yourself.

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Bring the splendor and calm of an ocean reef to your guests’ day with this stunning beach-themed candle favor There is nothing so calming and naturally beautiful as a vibrant seascape brilliantly framed by the deep blue ocean. That’s what Fashioncraft had in mind when we designed this unique beach themed beauty! It’s useful and exceptionally attractive and gives your family and friends the opportunity to take a break and escape to the sea every time they light them up! Description and details: Each measures 2 1/8” round x 2 ” tall Clear glass outer holder with a floating seascape design, topped with a central clear plastic holder with a white wax tea light candle inside. The underwater scene includes a variety of shells, a starfish, and a sea shrub resting in a floor of vibrant blue pebbles The decorations are suspended in a clear gel to ensure their stability and continued beauty A lovely choice for any occasion seaside or beach themed.




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