Scented Candle with Dry Flowers


This Retro Pastoral Scented Candle is made of natural materials with a manual craft.

A great way to add a touch of ambiance to any room, these retro pastoral scented candles are handcrafted with only the finest ingredients. Each candle has a unique blend of essential oils, giving it a distinct fragrance for home décor or personal gift giving.

Craft: Manual
Candle type: scented candle
Shape: Cylindrical

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The main fragrance of this candle is the Violet. It is fresh, lively, and glowing, like the wind from the fields. Leaves and fruits are all the forest treasures - we incorporated them in the "Autumn" candle, which gives these unrestrained woody floral notes.

100% delicately hand-poured and hand-crafted in our workshop.

Soy wax is guaranteed without GMOs and pesticides for impeccable quality.

It is 100% biodegradable. Our scents, flowers, plants, and fruits are all natural and originate from Korea and China. You will feel like one with nature while smelling scents from another continent you might have never smelled.

Moreover, it does not emit toxic substances and thus guarantees a healthy environment.

Burning time: +/- 45h depending on use.

Note: When lighting the candle, you must be careful with the decorative plants to avoid the danger of ignition.

Wax weight: 270g

Candle Size: 6*7 CM (Square shape) - 5*7 CM (Round (Big)) - 6*5.5 CM (Round (Small))


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