Prospects for the market development of scented candles

Traditionally, the reasons for using candles come from religion, culture, life needs, and other reasons. Global consumer demand for candle products has been stable for a long time and has a particular growth trend. But in the 21st century, the candle market is also quietly changing! The author also discusses the prospects of the wholesale market of scented candles based on years of experience in the wax art industry.

As mentioned above, from a traditional perspective, candles are generally used for religious, cultural, and life needs. Currently, candles purchased at the retail end are removed from conventional use. More modern candles are developing towards scented candles and wax art. The following author introduces you to a confirmed case of the successful transformation of offline traditional candle manufacturers like aromatic candles:

This is a candle product manufacturer in Shanghai. In the early years, it produced traditional candle products, mainly for domestic sales and retail, which is also considered a daily advance. However, since China joined the WTO in 2002, market competition has become fiercer, and its performance has declined daily. A friend who understands marketing will say that this is not very normal. The company was in a recession period from growth to maturity. Currently, new products are transformed, or money is quickly rushed away. At first, the boss thought that he would earn enough to go home for retirement for so many years, but he couldn’t bear to see that his employees who had been with him for many years were about to lose their jobs, so he was determined to consider the transformation. But after all, the change is not that simple. After many deliberations, he found a new path!

Saying Xinlu needs to be counted. This is a scene I met when I was traveling abroad: the boss’s child was studying abroad. The boss and his wife flew to the United States on Christmas Eve to visit their daughter. On the shopping street, I saw a wax art product store. The owner went into the store out of curiosity. This is not surprising. The decoration and design of the store are very delicate. Unlike traditional candles, these can still have a floral fragrance after being lit. And the price is even more staggering. Aside from the different colors, the appearance is no different from its candle. It can be sold for thirty dollars! The renminbi is equivalent to a hundred-dollar candle! Does anyone buy it? The boss continued to consult the shop owner, and only after he asked did he know that this was the most popular scented candle in the United States then. Many white-collar workers and industry elites spend money to buy such candles. Many people in the hotel, restaurant, and wedding industries bought bulk to create a scene atmosphere. At that time, restaurants that could light such candles were almost expensive. The owner of a candle factory that has been in business for many years has discovered business opportunities with years of business sense: a scented candle that is not difficult to make can sell for a high price; why can’t we do it? To this end, the boss bought all kinds of candles and hurried back to China for research, and finally developed candles with the same odor, color, and quality and exported them to Europe and the United States, creating a new era for enterprises!

It is easy to see from this case that candles are no longer just a traditional daily necessities. More reflected in other places! For the “new version” of the candle industry, the entire development trend will be more life-like, which is the so-called ideal state of life. However, as of 2013, the candle manufacturers engaged in large-volume and professional production in the market are young and few, and is one of the few wholesalers with solid strength.

In fact, for people in developed countries, the previous introduction also mentioned that scented candles are already a standard item in white-collar life in Europe and the United States. It is still a blank market in China. There are few competitors, and the market potential is enormous!


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